Business Coach In Mumbai

Snehal Kamble. The man who has been the driving force behind the immense growth and popularity of the SnehalNiti brand. “A Master Strategist and Business Coach,” Mr. Snehal Kamble leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the success of his clients.

Hailing from humble Maharashtrian beginnings, Mr. Kamble has one major goal - to empower one lakh Marathi entrepreneurs and help them build businesses that they could only have dreamed of.

To accomplish this goal, he delivers detailed business training programs, workshops and seminars in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and more cities, using his own charismatic, energetic and interactive style to inspire thousands of people every month to become successful businessmen in their own right.

Aspiring and established entrepreneurs from all over Maharashtra enroll to receive personal business coaching by Snehal Kamble, and his acumen as a professional business coach has positioned him as one of the top trainers in India.

A role model for many, Snehal Kamble leads by example, using his understanding of the human situation and business strategies to not only grow his clients’ businesses, but also to take his own business, SnehalNiti, to greater heights.

His passion for public speaking, his innovative methods and his progressive use of social media to grow the brand has made him a pioneer in this industry, earning him respect all across Maharashtra. And he doesn’t plan to stop here...

Creative Juices, a media agency and Livana, a fashion boutique have already been established under the ever-growing umbrella of SnehalNiti, and they are just two of several ventures envisioned by Mr. Kamble. Even with a specifically targeted audience in Maharashtra, SnehalNiti seems to be going places..