About Us

Acclaimed Training and Consultancy Organization Providing Business Coaching in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Kolhapur.

SnehalNiti is an Enterprise Transformation Company which strives to enable and empower Marathi entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential and growing successful, powerful businesses.

Marathi Entrepreneurs and business-owners suffer from a number of limitations, most of which they create by themselves.

SnehalNiti has a proven track record of training, advising and mentoring new and existing business-owners to overcome these limitations, take control and rise to extraordinary heights with their ventures.

Founded by professional Business coach Snehal Kamble, SnehalNiti went from humble beginnings to becoming one of the leaders in the business training and consultancy industry.

And not for nothing.

Over the years, SnehalNiti has conducted business training in different cities across Maharashtra, teaching business aspects like entrepreneurship, selling skills, leadership, team building and other topics specifically customized for clients & their teams.

We have trained over 4,00,000 entrepreneurs and businessmen till date and have an expansive clientele that spans over 30 industries including manufacturing, services, FMCG and retail.

Leading this charge, by example of course, is Mr. Snehal Kamble himself. He conducts all the training sessions, free business coaching seminars and workshops that SnehalNiti offers, and the results are there for everybody to see. These sessions and programs offer entrepreneurs the possibility to ‘Grow Your Business by 10X’.

We at SnehalNiti strive to provide a growth opportunity for all entrepreneurs and organizations alike through extensive business coaching in Maharashtra. We are dedicated to this vision and to the growth of the Marathi Entrepreneur, which would ultimately lead to a world where they can build great businesses without inhibitions.